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Bike riding teams are always recruiting new participants. Riding bicycles is a great form of exercise that you can enjoy with the whole family or friends. There are bike clubs you can join for fun and even bike racing competitions you can sign up for. Getting into this sport is addicting and exhilarating. It’s important to learn which type of bike suits your needs best. A bicycle shop is the perfect place to get professional advice on cross-country bikes, XC mountain bikes, lightweight bikes and more. It’s also a great resource if you are ever in need of bicycle repairs or accessories. Please scroll down to learn more and get access to all the local related products and services in Nashville, TN listed below.

Nashville Bicycle CO
(615) 321-5510
Bicycle CO 2817 West End Avenue Suite 136
Nashville, TN
Halcyon Bike Shop LLC
(615) 730-9344
1118 Halcyon Ave
Nashville, TN
Bike Peddler
(615) 329-2453
2910 W End Ave
Nashville, TN
Nashville Scooters - Nogas Electric
(615) 573-0367
2612 Winford Ave
Nashville, TN
Gran Fondo Cycles
(615) 354-1090
5205 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN
Trace Bike's
(615) 646-2485
8400 Highway 100
Nashville, TN
Dick's Sporting Goods
(615) 354-0102
6812 Charlotte Pike
Nashville, TN
Nashville Bicycle Company
(615) 321-5510
2922 W End Ave
Nashville, TN
Electra Bike Shop Nashville
(615) 866-5622
2807 W End Ave
Nashville, TN
Nashville Bicycle Lounge
(615) 227-2772
961 Woodland St
Nashville, TN

Orbea Alma Bike

The new Orbea Alma is backed by exhaustive work carried out with users, research and the desire to always remain one step ahead of the rest. Thanks to this continuous contact with bike fans, we have achieved a bicycle that is like no other: it is totally unique, and these are the reasons why:

Orbea's Alma is their premier carbon hardtail--all new for 2010 

We present a bike that will have two carbon versions:

Gold and Silver. This innovation has been made possible by Orbea’s carbon know-how, which has allowed us to develop two different fibre levels for mountain bikes. Gold fibres are ultra-high modulus fibres that improve traction resistance and compression, obtaining structures with an extremely high stiffness. Combined with low specific-weight carbon fibres, they allow us to construct frames with an optimum weight-to-stiffness ratio. These materials, in combination with laminates that have undergone iterative processes of finite element analysis (FEA), enable us to create a frame that guarantees the maximum stiffness and the minimum weight. This type of fibre is used for top-level competition: we are placing the market’s top technology in the hands of bike lovers.


The Alma is an all-terrain giant. The 4x4 evolved from the 4PT (Four-Point Triangle: a four-point rear triangle that ensures greater stiffness and ...

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Review: DT Swiss FR 2350 Wheels

By Ryan Cleek
DT Swiss built this wheelset for serious downhillers who aren’t afraid to ride wide open. The FR 2350s were developed on the World Cup race circuit with the Santa Cruz Syndicate Team, and Sam Hill. The FR 2350 wheels are sold indivi- dually. The front sells for $461, and $623 for the rear.

Tech features: The red DT Swiss’ FR 2350 wheels feature a 20-millimeter thru-axle front hub, and rear wheels are available in three different sizes: 135x10-millimeters, 135x12-millimeters, and 150x12-millimeters. The wheelset we reviewed features the standard front wheel and a 150x12-millimeter rear wheel. The 32-spoke front wheel features three-cross lacing, DT Pro Lock brass nipples, stainless steel cartridge bearings and is available with a DT Swiss conversion kit with a DT Swiss Thru-Bolt. Our FR 2350 front wheel weighed 2.35 pounds. The 150x12-millimeter FR 2350 rear wheel features DT Swiss’ Ratchet System freehub, stainless cartridge bearings, and utilizes a 12-millimeter thru-axle. Our triple-butted, 32-spoke rear wheel weighed 2.8 pounds, and, like the front wheel, can be converted to DT Swiss’ 10-millimeter Thru-Bolt axle. The FR 2350 wheelset includes rim tape, a wheel bag and centering, too, plus it comes with a two-year warranty. DT Swiss USA, (970) 242-9232.

After the thrashing: After months of punishment from riding downhill trails a...

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Volume 27, Number 6 June 2012

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